Explore the shield

Don’t let our use of wry wit distract from how seriously we take the seal.  Right now it is a shield in this industry to protect from rogues and miscreants that might hoodwink or bamboozle! Some claim organics, but without the seal, that acting shield, it’s all a ploy. They could be doing the Kansas City Shuffle and we at Midnite Rooster won’t stand for such Tom Foolery. This is where your consumer awareness meets our business transparency, and the marriage of the two makes for a new standard in CBD quality and accountability. The minutiae of the rules and regulations, the extra time and resources that are spent on meeting the justifiably strict standards of the USDA Organics Program, they are labors of love for us that resonate through the quality of our products. We invite you into the process, to learn and grow as we have done, and to weed out all the sleight of hand so you can lay your cards down with confidence.