Midnite rooster is about relationships…


We believe in the power of people, relationships, and community. Together we’re gonna shake things up.


You’ll always get our transparent authentic selves and all the character that comes with it


We’re here because friends are the family you choose and we want you to be a part of that.

Our Team

Between us, nearly 100 years of friendship forges the bond of our founders.  Sharing wide-eyed and bushy tailed youths with wider-eyed and bushier-tailed after-youths, has left us eager to leave things better for those we love.  Being on the farm, in the field, falling in love with the source of what we consume, this is the only true way to approach whole health. Mr. Midnite was a blessing from the farm gods, and he embodies the tireless approach our entire network takes to ensuring that we are engaged, and making the biggest difference in the lives of others we possibly can.  Making that difference in your life, establishing that connection of trust and growth, this is at the root of the Midnite spirit, and we hope to share that with you, and invite you into our flock, FOREVER. 

Hi, I’m probably mostly to blame for all the weird and silly shit you see.  I get told no a lot, but I creatively design my way around those no’s, and love to push for why not.”


Co-Founder / Creative Director

Being involved in a growth industry, both literally and figuratively, and metaphorically and simile-ly?…it’s the most rewarding work I’ve found.  Work doesn’t feel like the right word, there’s a genuine harmony in every relationship, and it’s a special thing to be a part of and get to share with others.”


Co-Founder / C.O.O

The opportunities to give back, the chance to be a part of something that’s pushing the boundaries, being an agent of change, and engaged at the community level…all these things are highlights for me personally being a part of the team. I think our willingness to challenge each other and our commitment to one another might be our biggest strength, and it’s an environment I love to work in.”


Co-Founder / C.F.O.

Essentially I have to put elbow grease into the machine to make sure it stays running nice and smooth. Keeping this group of knuckleheads in line while trying to change the CBD industry is hard work, but at this point I don’t know anything else but hard work and determination. I’m starting to question if our products work harder than we do though.” 


Co-Founder / C.E.O.

Sometimes the Roosters think they rule the roost but we all know Hens rule the world.”


Co-Founder / M.O.C.